NoMAD News

Binding or not to Active Directory is the debate today. A couple of years ago, the general recommendation was to bind computers to Active Directory. With the change from desktop and shared computers to 1-to-1 laptop deployments, the picture has dramatically changed. After the Kerbminder and ADPassMo

We’re excited to announce the release of NoMAD 1.0.4 today. This release picks up a few bugs from 1.0.3, adds another localization, gives more options on how to display the password expiration countdown, and then implements a fairly comprehensive new set of password policies. You can find the

Most NoMAD users are pushing preferences via configuration profiles. This is a great thing, but does make troubleshooting a bit tougher as the defaults command won’t show what keys are forced. So… have a look at pref-finder. Launch the tool and specify a preference domain you want to loo

NoMAD 1.0.3 responds to a number of Apple Events that you can send it from the CLI and other methods. Current Actions nomad://open – launches the application nomad://signin – opens the sign in dialog if the system is on the domain and a user is not already signed in nomad://user:pass@sig

Lots of customization and some bug fixes. New Features — Most every menu item is customizable as to the label and able to be hidden from the user. Check out the preference keys for how to do that. — Automatic retrieval of x509 certificates if a user doesn’t already have one. &#8212